Letting the light in


The crack is so wide open that the light is pouring in.

Like all of you, I’m confined and waiting for the COVID 19 virus crisis to end. The world has been shaken and the response has been profound.

Weeks ago we were simply stewing about political differences, even raging about our political leadership. Some people were escaping into various activities and pleasures. Some were engaging in debates on social media. Some were simply in a routine, not thinking a whole lot about what they were doing, or overworked, they were just thinking about getting a good night’s sleep before beginning the next day.

I haven’t been writing much lately. For quite a while, I’ve been working on a self-improvement project, trying to be more loving, trying to offer service to the community, trying to be political without being overly judgmental and righteous, trying to slow down and be more aware of my surroundings and more aware of what I need to change in myself to be more in sync with those around me.

Beware what you wish for.

Here I am, wiping my tears after hearing from the person doing my shopping (I have to order food from stores because I’m over 60 and have been advised not to go out). The shopper from the shopping service writes to me that the line at the store is very long and it will be a while before she can begin to choose items from my list. I write to her to please take her time and stay safely 6 feet behind anyone. She responds, “always.” I cry. This person who I don’t even know is risking her life to pick out groceries for me. She needs this job and she is there, standing in a long line, waiting to choose grocery items so I will be able to cook meals.

This crisis has cracked my heart open. I’m thinking about my friends and family more. I’m thinking about the caregivers and all those people working to fill others’ basic needs. Even watching the starter dough rise each day and fall before I feed it makes my heart swell. Life force.

So here we are. Forced to slow down. Forced to pay attention. My world will be different when this is over. Hopefully, yours will, too. Sending love, light, and hope.

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